Excel Fibre Tehnology WARMCEL Insulation



PYC offer a range of building fabric solution and machines 

pro clima 

Airtightness and wind-tightness systems. Pro clima is leading the field in the development and production of intelligent vapour retarders for thermal insulation systems . pro clima membranes and tapes provides complete airtightness and moisture-management-systems including intelligent high-performance vapour retarders.


Wind barrier boards are used as a wind blocking insulating and stiffening elements, and offer additional thermal insulation and a reduction of thermal bridging.


An unprotected downlighter is an open path for energy to pass from the living area and be lost into loft space, negating the airtight effect of the installed insulation. A single downlighter can pass 20m3 per hour at a standard 50pa  pressure.


Market leaders of insulation blowing machines in Europe. X-Floc’s development goal is to to manufacture blowing machines that have a high compatibility for all insulation blowing materials available on the market.