Excel Fibre Tehnology WARMCEL Insulation

11254 09 Brick Cladding Standard Wall I Beam11254 09 Brick Cladding Standard Wall I Beam


Timber Framed Walls - External, Party and Partitions

Open Panel Structures

For open panel walls with vapour-permeable external sheathing, WARMCEL may be damp spray applied before the installation of the internal sheathing.

Once sprayed, it is levelled off to the depth of the studs, ensuring the wall is completely filled with no air pockets or voids – even around pipework, wiring or other obstructions. Moisture need not cause concern as this naturally dries out through the vapour-permeable sheathing within a few days – ensuring the insulation remains dry.



Closed Panel Structures

For closed panel structures – including walls, floors and sloping roofs – WARMCEL is installed under pressure using an injection system.

The injection needle is docked with the panel by means of pre-drilled access holes through which the WARMCEL is injected. An ingenious pressure-sensing system ensures the void is completely filled to the correct density for optimum performance.

WARMCEL may also be installed via a blowing hose which is inserted fully into the cavity to be filled and slowly withdrawn as blowing proceeds – this provides uniform density throughout the whole void.

Because the insulation process is entirely discreet and unobtrusive it can be undertaken at the same time as other trades are working, so not impacting on the build programme.