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Senior Management Restructure

CIUR (UK) Ltd. is announcing a restructuring of its senior management team due to the retirement of David Craig, MD, after over 40 years of working.
Kath Richards will be taking up the role of Operations Manager and will be responsible for the commercial and financial aspects of the CIUR (UK) business. Kath has over 20 years of experience in the cellulose fibre industry and played a key role in the setting up of CIUR (UK) back in 2011. Speaking from the CIUR (UK) office Kath stated “I am extremely pleased to take up the role of Operations Manager and looking forward to continuing the excellent levels of service that we provide to our customers.”
Neil Turner will be Technical Manager and will be responsible for all technical aspects of the business. Neil has over 13 years of experience in cellulose fibres and joined CIUR (UK) last year. Speaking from the CIUR (UK) office Neil commented “I am very happy to be looking after all of the technical aspects of the business including asphalt fibres.”
Speaking from the CIUR a.s. factory in Prague Mr. Michal Urbanek, MD of both CIUR a.s. and CIUR (UK) stated “We would like to thank David for the work that he has performed over the past few years and wish him and his family a happy and healthy retirement.” Mr. Michal Urbanek also stated “I am pleased that the company continues to have an excellent and experienced management team that has the knowledge to continue the excellent service levels provided and take the business forward.”