Excel Fibre Tehnology WARMCEL Insulation

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  1. WARMCEL’s airflow resistance is higher than glass fibre insulation, and it offers easy void-free installation meaning greatly improved airtightness.
  2. Using WARMCEL reduces need for expensive (and maintenance-requiring) green technology to meet Part L targets. It makes sense to look to building fabric / passive measures first!
  3. WARMCEL requires far less expensive membranes than other insulations.
  4. WARMCEL benefits from PYC insulation’s 19 years worth of installation experience, and has on knowledge and training to an approved installer network.
  5. WARMCEL offers the option of off-site fabrication
  6. WARMCEL’s high insulation values mean Part L targets can be met with standard wall thicknesses.
  7. WARMCEL has unbeatable environmental credentials.