Approved Installers

All Warmcel approved installers receive technical training to ensure they are experts with installation techniques and standards. There is comprehensive coverage of Warmcel installers throughout the UK and Ireland providing to all sizes of projects.

If you have a project for which you require a price, please send the following information over to

  • Total m2 of any different applications (e.g. walls x 180m2, sloping ceilings x 150m2, loft x 70m2, flat roof x 45m2 etc.)
  • Depths of different application (walls @300m, slopes @350mm, loft @ 330mm etc.)
  • Pitch of roofs
  • Postcode of job
  • Full contact details including postal address and phone number
  • Any plans / drawings (if you have them)

We will then pass the information over to the installers who will make direct contact with you. We will let you know in advance who to expect contact from.