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Do you offer CPD sessions for architects, industry professionals, or colleges/universities of relevant courses?

Yes, we offer FREE CPD sessions at your practise or premises anywhere in the UK. Alternatively, we can hold it at our offsite factory in Wales adding a tour into the agenda.

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What is Warmcel 500 or 100?
The current manufacturer produces just one quality product in the range – Warmcel. Warmcel 500 & Warmcel 100 were products that were made by the previous manufacturer and no longer exist.
Can I buy Warmcel as a DIY product or install it myself?
It cannot be purchased or installed as a DIY product. In order to ensure the prescribed densities are achieved – to avoid settlement in the panels –  Warmcel must be installed by one of our Approved Installer teams. They have the correct specialist blowing machines and quality control kit to install Warmcel into external walls, ceilings/roofs, floors, lofts and partition walls.
Does Warmcel slump?
Warmcel is installed under pressure to specific densities according to construction applications i.e. sloping roof, walls and lofts. When installed to these densities- even in a factory filled panel – and transported to site, no movement will occur. These densities are monitored and recorded during installation with our density testing equipment.
Does Warmcel burn?
Through the addition of non-organic salts Warmcel is extremely fire retardant, see the declaration of performance for more information.

Warmcel Declaration of Performance

Do mice like Warmcel?
The boron salts added to Warmcel deter vermin, insects and mould growth.
Can you insulate my existing sloping ceilings with Warmcel?
Yes, but you have to make sure that there is a vapour permeable roofing membrane under the slates/tiles and a vapour control layer behind the plasterboard. This is often not the case in old buildings, so specific products must be used. Please get in touch with our Technical Team to discuss the options for both new builds and existing buildings.
How do you ensure consistent coverage of Warmcel?
When Warmcel is injected our approved installers use specialised injection tools to reach all corners of a void. Warmcel is blown under pressure and fills all voids to the densities required, see page 2 on the Summary of Technical Data Sheet.

Warmcel Summary of Technical Data Sheet

What happens if Warmcel gets wet?
Warmcel is hydroscopic so can absorb and release moisture very well. However if it becomes saturated it should be removed in that area and replaced, as with any insulation. Please get in touch with our Technical Team to discuss if this happens.
Can you put Warmcel into cavity walls?
It is predominantly a timber frame insulation. With external brick and block or other masonry cavity walls there is too much risk of water ingress from the outside which could make Warmcel damp and reduce insulation efficiency, so the answer is usually no.
Does Warmcel have good acoustic insulation?
Yes, Warmcel has very good acoustic properties. We have achieved excellent results from using Warmcel as sound insulation in party walls between properties, with certified results of up to 54dB reduction in sound transmission. We frequently install Warmcel for acoustic insulation in partition walls and between bedrooms in hotels with extremely good effect.

Please see the declaration of performance for more information.

Warmcel Declaration of Performance

Will Warmcel get blown around my loft?
No. Lofts should have a ventilation level that is sufficient to vent any moist air but not of a level to cause the movement of Warmcel inside the loft. If the ventilation is no more than required by Building Control then Warmcel will stay as installed.