Warmcel is a natureplus® certified product. This is a standard for products that meet the highest standards from raw material sourcing / extraction, to low emissions and clean production methods.

Warmcel is manufactured from recycled newspapers, these are collected from offices, schools, overruns from printing companies and kerbside collections. The manufacturing process uses very little energy, click here to find out more.

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Images supplied courtesy of CIUR

The combination of the cellulose fibre properties and its specific manufacturing process gives Warmcel an extremely low Global Warming Potential of -1.5 Kg Co₂/m².

The CO₂ sequestered within Warmcel is then locked into your building and is actually less than the CO₂ produced in the manufacturing process.

Unlike other insulations, Warmcel is an inert material with no off-gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds, making it the best insulation for a truly healthy home.

Healthy Buildings

There is a natural fluctuation of moisture levels within a building that begins at the construction stage and continues throughout its lifetime.

The hygroscopic properties of Warmcel insulation helps this moisture to naturally migrate to the outside of the building fabric without building up on structural elements.

The designed use of internal vapour control layers and external ‘breathable’ layers ensures longevity of the structure, removing interstitial condensation risk and the potential for mould growth or structural damage.

High specific heat capacity and decrement delay provides thermal comfort in summer and winter.

Excellent thermal insulation significantly reduces heating costs.

The addition of natural mineral salts gives excellent fire resistance.